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Men's loafers

Originally derived from the original loafers Native Canadians - Indians, hunters, and later traders and settlers from Europe. Original moccasins are made from deer or other soft leather, which was divided into pieces, and they are sewn together. In the original moccasins even sole was of soft leather. It has a distinct kavkavost and mobility in the natural curves of the foot. This was made comfortable moccasins for running and exploring uninhabited places. Original moccasins were used not only for their practicality and convenience, but also as part of the traditional clothing of Native Canadians - they had typical embroidery and decorative elements as in their clothes. Modern models moccasins take the idea and design of precisely these original loafers. They have developed standard requirements for modern shoes. The sole is no longer of light leather and of synthetic materials such as rubber. Modern men's loafers even with not so thin as the sole original, again characterized by special lightness and flexibility. Modern men's loafers are made again of soft leather or leatherette sometimes depending on the brand. They are lightweight and comfortable shoes for warm weather. Are comfortable to wear in spring and summer men who wear trousers and need practical and lightweight shoe. They are sporty-elegant style and do not require more strictly in clothing. Match mostly summer trousers and shirt. You can find them especially in bright light colors because their main purpose - to wear in warm days. Most models are saved as part of your design traditional seams on the front upper part - over the fingers. This serves as a hallmark of moccasins - even today. In our online shop you can find them in a variety - of models, colors, sizes. Beige, brown, white or blue - you can choose the most appropriate for you and your style.