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We process and store our customer data in accordance with the CRDD / General Data Protection Regulations. We only need data to be able to deliver your orders - more or less. Our principle is: the less information we collect, the better for us and our customers.


By agreeing to our general terms and conditions, you agree to store your data in the required manner for a certain period of time.




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2. We reserve the right at any time to change these rates and become valid at the time of their publication.


3. We reserve the right to modify the site's architecture that includes moving, deleting, and adding new items to


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5. Any suggestions, ideas, etc. sent by a user of become automatically our property and no indemnity or any compensation for their use by is due.


6. You agree that may send you e-mails to inform you about changes, new products and offers as well as current promotions.


7. Our site offers the products with their actual colors. If you have problems with their exact image, change your monitor settings. We are not responsible if your monitor does not display the correct colors.


8. contains references ie. "links" to other sites and their use is according to their authors and we can not be held responsible for their use.


9. When purchasing a product from, B & D TRADING OOD takes the responsibility for delivering the goods to the price, quality, type, matter and quantity mentioned by the customer and the customer is obliged to pay the goods after the delivery if with a punitive charge and in advance with his explicit consent, by accepting these terms and conditions upon bank or credit card payment. You can always rely on our promptness and correctness for any questions or concerns.


10. Each order from the e-shop Client has the power of a contract of sale between the two parties and the execution of the request itself has the force of a willingness of the Client to conclude the contract. make an adjustment to your request before and after depositing it by informing us of the e-mail and phone number in the contacts column. Each request is made in Bulgarian, English or Romanian.


11. Each customer has the right to access his / her contract request, which will be provided upon request. Each request is confirmed in a telephone conversation at the Customer's designated contact number.


12. The e-shop adheres to the BAET Code of Ethics (


13. All prices include VAT.


14. For all matters not covered by this chapter Bulgarian law applies.