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Gift voucher

If you find it difficult or hesitate what present to choose for your love ones, friends or acquaintance, for a special occasion or just to surprise them, BG-LOOK.COM offers you the most original and practical decision- buying a Gift Voucher.

Voucher: The gift voucher, which BG-LOOK.COM offers have the following objects- value, date of validity, code and from who to whom is the voucher. There is no limit for the value of the voucher; it could be any whatever You like. It should be entered by You before the purchase. In the fields: 'For' and 'From' You could fill the names of the addressee and the addressing in order to personalize your vochers.These vouchers have term of validity of 6 months and expired date, until it could be used and it's noted in the row 'valid until'. Under the row mentioned is situated an 11 digit code, which is unique and guarantees its identity.

Terms of use: When a possessor of such voucher decide to use it, the last have the right to purchase goods only from online shop only once, no matter if the goods are discounted or in promotion. When the chosen products are added to the shopping bag, the customer shall find a row to fill the unique code, which shall activate his voucher. And so it can be used, but the customer should know upon purchasing that if the value of the chosen products is lower than voucher's value the rest would not be paid, but if purchase' value is higher then the voucher the rest shall be paid. Also against voucher's value could not be received cash, check or credit and the voucher itself do not materialize any other right and it's not security.

Delivery: To receive a voucher purchased from BG-LOOK.COM it should be delivered to You. The shipment price is 10 EURO.

Enjoy your shopping!